Do You Want to Easily Lose Weight and Keep It Off Forever, So You Can Feel Healthy and Alive Again?


Discover How to Get Step by Step, Personalized Support and Guidance to Lose Your Excess Weight, So You Never Have To Diet and Damage Your Body Again...  

From: Philip McCluskey  
Founder of WeightLoss Blueprint

Dear Friend,

Are you sick and tired of always batting with your weight, and losing? Have you gone on diet after diet only to feel more confused, unhappier, and even heavier each time? Have you cried yourself to sleep at night wishing something would change, or that your favorite clothes would fit? Have you ever felt ashamed to stand naked in front of your partner? Have you thought about whether you would die before your time because of your weight?

 Are you afraid of the hard work or pain you think you have to go through in order to lose the extra pounds? Or have you lost weight temporarily, but then end up gaining it back again, and often even more?

Fortunately it doesn't have to be that way for you anymore.

Why The Problem Is Worse Than You Thought!

The recent study by the Neurology Medical Journal determined that participants classified as overweight and obese at midlife had:

  • 80% increased risk of Alzheimer's   
  • 80% increased risk of Dementia
  • American Cancer Society says 1 out of every 3 deaths are due to excess body weight

Those with fat stores around the middle were 2X as likely to suffer a fatal cardiovascular event.


Did You Know That Being Just FOUR Pounds Overweight

Can Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease by 20%? 

(PLOS Medicine Journal)

Being overweight or obese:

  • Raises blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Raises risk of heart disease
  • Raises blood pressure levels
  • Can bring upon diabetes with increased chance of heart attack
  • Lowers HDL "good" cholesterol
  • Causes memory problems, can lead to Alzheimer's
  • 75% increased risk of hypertension
  • 50% increased risk of cancer

According to Dr. David Katz MD, director of Yale University Prevention Research Center, 90% of all diabetes, 80% of heart disease, and 60% of cancers are preventable with healthier lifestyles and normal body weights.

If you don't do something about your weight now, the symptoms above could be in your future.

Does any of this sound familiar...

1. You're not happy with your current weight, you've tried so hard, you know there must be a way that you can lose the extra pounds.

2. You're tired of cringing every time you look at your body naked, you're ready to like the reflection that you see in the mirror.

3. You're sick of having to wear clothes that make you feel like crap, you want to feel confident, attractive and slim.

4. You're tired of feeling afraid of death, you're ready to smash any deathbed regrets and start living right now!

5. You're sick of making poor relationship choices, job choices and not having fun because of your weight.

6. You're fed up with putting your life on hold until you lose the excess weight, you're ready to start enjoying every single moment.

If any of these apply to you then read on, the answers to losing your excess weight are below...


Why Dieting Just Doesn't Work

You've probably already tried some form of dieting before to lose weight, and like most people, you've discovered it just doesn't work. Period.

Quick fixes always backfire on you! And you know that magic pill solutions only offer fast-food results. You're tired of being stuck in the pattern of yo-yo dieting, counting calories and experiencing the pain of failure and disappointment yet another time. You've had it!

See, statistics say that over 80% of diets fail, plain and simple. Each time we fail we experience another layer of guilt, shame, and failure, often saying to ourselves "I'll start again on Monday."  This cycle continues on and on and can damage your body and your health.

You might have even tried making healthier choices like:

  1. Cutting out the junk food 
  2. Eating more fruits and veggies
  3. Eating smaller portions
  4. Exercising more

These are all great steps, and you may have even felt better, for a time. But have you reached your goal weight, and honestly, is your health where you want it to be?


The main reasons why dieting doesn't work are simple...

  • They only focus on changing the foods that you eat, instead of working on the reasons that make you overeat or emotionally eat in the first place
  • They are for a limited time, so when the diet is over and you eat the way you did before, you gain the weight right back on
  • They have impractical requirements that are impossible for you to maintain
  • They focus mainly on counting calories, fats and carbs, instructing you to eat low-fat processed foods that damage your health
  • If it worked, they'd be out of business! 

Dieting is a gimmick! It's a concept designed by the "health industry" to sell you expensive meal programs, books, materials and packaged foods. Their promise of you losing the weight sounds great in theory, but the fact is if everyone was successful, they'd be out of business. It benefits them for you to never reach your ideal weight, therefore creating a customer for life.

Are You Fed Up?

  • You have extra weight to lose and you just can't do it
  • You are embarrassed and ashamed when you look in the mirror
  • You're frustrated and angry when your clothes don't fit you right
  • You have low energy, feel lazy, and are tired all the time
  • You are sick of thinking about getting a disease or dying early
  • You experience unwanted symptoms because of your weight
  • You don't feel desirable or sexy, you're not confident
  • You want to feel loved, by others and yourself
  • You eat when you're lonely for comfort
  • You beat yourself up each time you overeat
  • You find that you stay home, and don't like to be seen
  • You have no support, you don't want to do it alone
  • You've tried dieting before, and it never worked
  • You're sick of gaining the weight back after losing some
  • You don't want to have any deathbed regrets, you're ready to live life now

 No matter how you're feeling now, know that there is a way out for you.


After 30 Failed Diet Attempts, I Learned How To Lose Weight SUCCESSFULLY

I felt every single one of those feelings myself many times over, and was ready to give up hope. I felt the feelings of disappointment, shame, hopelessness and failure time after time.

See I had been overweight my entire life, and had tried 30 different diet attempts to get my weight in order. I kept gaining and gaining no matter how many times I tried to diet and lose weight, until one day I stepped on the scale and it said I was 400 pounds! My confidence was shot, I felt embarrassed when I left the house and all I wanted to do was hide.

I had to rent two seats on an airplane when I flew, I had to request a larger chair when I went to a restaurant so it wouldn't break on me, and I could only shop at one store in town that carried my size. I walked funny because of my weight, experienced painful rashes, had sore knees, and couldn't barely walk without breaking into a sweat.

I was sick and tired of being overweight, I finally had enough. 

I made a decision in that moment to make a change. I decided this time to do something different, I skipped the packaged meals and restricted diets and instead made a lifestyle change that I could maintain so I could experience real health, and keep the weight off for good. For me that meant the food had to taste delicious, was healthy for my body, and most importantly kept the weight off.

  • I gave up fast food and processed foods
  • I threw out all junk food, soda and snacks
  • I finally stopped dieting, for good!
  • I focused on the healthy food I did enjoy
  • I learned to eat when hungry, not when lonely or upset

Now it's been over 7 years since I made that change, and have lost over 215 pounds naturally, and have learned the secret to keeping it off for good. Today I feel energized, confident, and am excited about life!

Today I've made it my mission to help others avoid going through the same struggles I did, and guide them to easily losing weight, and keep it off long-term too.

What Can You Expect When You Lose The Weight?

  • Slimmer Body, Less Fat
  • Flatter Stomach
  • Improved Health
  • More Energy and Vibrancy
  • Clearer Mind
  • More Mobility
  • Clearer Skin
  • Increased Confidence
  • Higher Sex Drive
  • Feel Happier and Healthier
  • More Balanced Moods
  • More Enjoyment of Life
  • Slow Down Aging
  • More In Touch With Your Emotions


Did You Know That Losing Just 10% of Your Body Weight Can

Provide Massive Payoff For Your Health!!

Lowering your weight can help you:

  • lower your blood pressure
  • lower your cholesterol
  • reduce your chances of cancer
  • can reverse or prevent your diabetes
  • lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • feel attractive, improved sex life
  • improve your memory
  • improve your sleep or correct sleep problems
  • help you feel better about yourself!

These are just a few of the endless benefits that you will experience after losing the weight, the RIGHT WAY.

I'm sure you're ready to feel this way too...


What makes the WeightLoss Blueprint so Successful?

Yes, you will experience all of the benefits above, but that's just the start.  Here's how:

1. You'll Follow a Simple Plan That I've Proven Works 

As you know by now, not every weight loss plan works, actually over 80% fail. Many programs have been put together by people who have never even experienced the weight loss struggles and pain that you and I have. Basically, they are there to just make money. The diet industry sees you as a dollar in their $1 billion a week business plan, that's it. (stat:

That's why we're different. I was in the same place you are now, and made it through! When I created the WeightLoss Blueprint program I built it from the exact steps I used to lose the excess weight, and keep it off. I've taken these simple to implement steps and have created a clear and effective training so you can achieve the same results. Whether you have 10 pounds to lose, or as much as I did, you'll find this program will be a perfect fit for you.

2. The WeightLoss Blueprint Is Cutting Edge, Unlike Any Other Program

If menu plans and recipes alone were enough to help you lose the weight, I'm sure you'd already be at your goal weight already. But let's face it, that's just not how it works. As important as knowing the right foods to eat is, the biggest shift you'll make is healing your relationship with food and yourself, and that starts with creating a shift in the way you think and feel.

I could just focus on food alone just like almost every other program does, but know if we did that you might as well not sign up, as you won't lose the weight permanently and feel the freedom and happiness that is rightfully yours. Instead, in addition to showing you how to make delicious food choices that will dramatically improve your health (unlike other dieting programs), I will also be showing you how you can overcome the reasons that make you overeat or emotionally eat in the first place, therefore addressing the issue right at the root.

I'll guide you with the steps to create dynamic shifts in healing your emotions, getting focused in your mind, and most importantly how to make your health a priority in your life. You'll also begin to love yourself a whole lot more throughout the process. This training is what will help solidify your long-term results, and separates from any other program available today.

3. You'll Receive Real Support from Real People

Let's be real, doing it on your own sucks. It's hard to motivate yourself, you feel alone and isolated, and you have nobody to feel accountable to. That makes it really easy to give up.

But when you join us you'll not only have access to weekly WLB Trainings, Coaching Call MP3s, but also a community of people to be accountable to. This way you'll be more inclined to continue on when you're not feeling motivated. It's easy to quit when nobody is looking but when you have a mentor by your side going through it with you every step of the way, it becomes infinitely easier, and even enjoyable! You'll get results faster, you'll save time or money, and you'll be surrounded by supportive and loving people who have the same goals to share your experiences with.

You'll also have us with you to answer any personal questions, and to customize the program just for you.

  • Week 1 - Clarifying Your Vision And Checking In With Reality - It's critical for your success to understand why you are where you are now, and where you want to be, before you get started on any journey. This is never more true for weight loss. If you don't understand your current challenges and problems, and the results you'd like to achieve, you'll never be able to set yourself up for the success I know you are ready for. During our first module we'll focus on getting clear with how we are going to create those results for you, and setting up your personal roadmap to achieve them.
  • Week 2 - Cleaning Up Your Diet - Understanding the right foods to eat is essential to not only losing the excess weight, but it will also improve your health and energy levels. But knowing the right foods is just the first step, I'll also show you how to make them taste amazing, prepare them quickly, and enjoy them in the best way to promote weight loss. You'll love it, my recipes are damn tasty!
  • Week 3 - Breaking The Cycle Of Emotional Eating - The reason most people are unable to release excess weight is because food often gets used for emotional needs like comfort, loneliness, pain, hurt, stress, and even celebration. I'll show you how to break these emotional triggers, separate real hunger from emotional hunger, and empower you to make better decisions with ease. This week is important and really makes the difference.
  • Week 4 - Programming Your Brain For Success - The thoughts you think can make or break your success. When you get trapped in negative or disempowered thinking you can often find yourself repeating the same negative patterns over and over. I'll teach you how to get ahold of those thoughts that don't serve you, break their association and power, and create a new mental framework that programs your brain for success. I'll even share my most favorite personal practices that I use daily.
  • Week 5 - Creating Joyful Movement - Exercise is often looked at as a naughty word. This is especially true when you are holding on to extra weight, like I was. I'll guide you through exactly how to reprogram your mind to enjoy movement in a way that feels comfortable and natural for you. Trust me, this won't feel like being stuck at the gym staring at yourself in the mirror for an hour.
  • Week 6 - Establishing A Clean Temple - Because toxins are stored in your fat cells, it can be hard to lose weight when you haven't cleansed your body the right way. Even if you've tried cleansing before, it can be all too easy to get it wrong. I'll teach you the exact steps to support your body in removing toxins efficiently for optimal weight loss. Most people skip this step, but it's important for slimming down the stomach area and letting those ab muscles show, maybe even for the first time!
  • Week 7 - Building A Super Body - The first 6 modules focus on eliminating excess weight. Now I'll teach you how to fine tune your weight loss results even more, and your health and energy. You'll learn about how to incorporate powerful foods, functional herbs, and ways you can combine foods for optimal digestion. You might not have ever thought about having a "super body" before, but after we get through this week you'll be ready for more.
  • Week 8 - Guaranteeing Success - Losing the extra weight is the first step, learning the techniques to keep it off long-term and guarantee your success comes next. I'll give you my favorite tried and tested tools for creating consistency, habits, and creating a long-term lifestyle that works for you. These tools will give you the edge in every area of your life, not just your health.
  • Week 9 - Integrating Into The Real World - Sometimes it can feel tricky to incorporate changes in your new lifestyle when you have a demanding job, busy social life, or family members that don't eat the same as you do. You'll learn how to navigate these different situations with grace, and without compromising your own success.
  • Week 10 - Tailoring Your Diet For Your Needs - Depending on your health and lifestyle before you get started with us, you may have different personal health needs to be addressed. Poor digestion, adrenal fatigue, low energy, constipation, skin challenges and more. I'll give you the exact steps to address those needs and tailor the program for you. Custom fit.
  • Week 11 - Accepting And Loving Yourself - What you see on the outside can often be a direct reflection of how you feel on the inside. Healing the inner man/woman and building more respect and love for yourself always leads to making better choices long-term. I'll show you powerful tools to accept and love yourself more, which in turn will help you keep the weight off.
  • Week 12 - Creating A Life You Love - Now that you've been armed with the essential core components for radiant health, a clear mind, healthy emotions, and more self-love, I'll show you how to go forth into the world to live out your purpose, and create a life you love. Yeah baby, now is your time!

1. The WeightLoss Blueprint 12-week Coaching Program  
Complete access to video/audio training which cover the crucial steps required for permanent weight loss. One module will be available each week, giving you plenty of time to implement what you're learning. We'll guide and support you with the information, action steps, and motivation to balance your weight, experience consistent high energy, improve your health and feel happier and more passionate about your life. 

2. WeightLoss Blueprint Coaching Call MP3s
You'll also receive access to 12 weeks of coaching calls audio mp3s to compliment your training. We will review each weeks video training module, plus answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding health and weight loss. These coaching call mp3s alone would normally be valued at over $600 alone, but we know how essential personal support and having all your big and small questions answered is key to your success. These Coaching Calls are really what makes this program so unique to anything else you'll find. (value $600)

3. Educational Training Videos
You'll receive access to 12 powerful training videos that reveal the biggest (and easiest) core principles for sustainable weight loss and overcoming emotional eating, and how to implement them. These videos can be watched on your computer, iPhone, or iPad. (value $240)

4. WeightLoss Blueprint Guidebook
You'll receive your copy of the WeightLoss Blueprint Guidebook pdf with the course outline, the essential WeightLoss Blueprint Fundamentals, A Day in the Life, grocery shopping list, tips to get started and menu plans with 56 delicious, satisfying recipes (just for week 1, you'll receive many more each week) that your body will love.

(value $30)

5. Weekly Mini-Guidebooks
Each week of the program you'll receive a Mini-Guidebook pdf with even more sample menu plans, tons of recipes from drinks and breakfasts to mains and desserts. Each Guidebook also includes powerful coaching exercises and fun activities to move you forward on your weight loss and health journey and allow you to get to know yourself better so you can make better choices. (value $220)

6. Access to the the WLB Online Community for one year.
You'll have access to all of the training videos, audios, training call recordings, books, menu plans, and bonus books and guides so you can go through the materials as often as you'd like. You'll also have access to the VIP Member's Area where you can connect and share tips in a safe space with your program peer group. (value $240)


How Important is a Slim and Healthy Body To You?

I'm sure you've have tried at least one diet program before, maybe many.

It's all too easy to get excited about something new, especially when your weight and health is involved. It affects every area of your life, it's important stuff. I know many health coaches that charge $300-$500 an hour for their services. To get the real help required to make a change in your life could easily take 12 or more sessions costing you upwards of $6,000. And once you complete your "session package" you're often left high and dry and searching for continued support. 

Now that's not really affordable for most people. I know it wasn't for me when I first got started, which is why it took me over 30 years before I finally got help.

You could also easily spend over $1,000 a month just on trying weight loss powders and supplements alone, trying to decipher the perfect combination, often leaving you frustrated and broke.

Before I found the solution to sustainable weight loss I paid well over $6,000 alone on doctors, nutritionists, therapists, hypnotists, psychologists, weight loss clubs, gym trainers and products, all of which did absolutely nothing. They all had text book answers for me, but never once did I meet anyone with any real experience, someone who went through all the struggles that I did. It was a waste.

If I had the support and coaching back then that the WeightLoss Blueprint offers you now, I could have saved thousands of dollars, a lot of travel, a lot of pain, and many years stuck being overweight. That is why I decided to launch the WeightLoss Blueprint, to offer the support and accountability that's required to lose the weight, and keep it off for good.

I can't tell you how many times people have asked me for private 1-on-1 coaching, but honestly, that's expensive. I have some clients who can afford it, but it's not for everyone.

Now you can have the same level of support, for an entire year, for less than the price of 2 private coaching sessions with me. In fact just the (12) coaching calls mp3s that you'll receive when you sign up for WeightLoss Blueprint is normally over $600 alone, not including the other additional $4,000 worth of bonuses included within the program.

I created it this way so it was affordable to everyone, as getting ahold of your health, eliminating the weight, and feeling good about yourself is so important and a must for a long, happy life. And now you can choose to pay up front and save 15% off right away, or even pay over time with 6 small micro payments. Easy!

Sign Up Today By Clicking The Button Below

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You'll also receive...

BONUS #1: Living Your Purpose This incredible four week training course, delivered online includes four (4)  modules that will help you find your purpose and map out your plan to live it. (value $197)

BONUS #2: Creating Thriving Relationships This incredible four week training course, delivered online includes four (4)  modules that will teach you how to create dynamic fulfilling relationships. (value $197)

BONUS #3: 12-MONTH ACCESS TO "ASK CASEY AND PHILIP ANYTHING FORUM." Ask Casey and Philip ANY questions about your weight loss and health anytime for 12 full months. This level of access is usually reserved for Casey and Philip's $1,000 per month coaching clients, now available to you in the WLB Community tab above on the right. (value $2,400)

BONUS #4: 5 Free Recipe Ebooks You get access to five (5) FREE recipe ebooks giving you mouth watering recipes, including Raw Food Fast Food, Raw Food Juice Bar, Raw Food Salad Bar and Raw Food Carob Desserts. (value $110)

BONUS #5: 2 Free Recipe Guidebooks You get access to three (2) FREE ebooks giving even more menu plans, a 2-week health cleanse, an anti-candida flush, a holistic beauty and skin care guide and much more. (value $44)


This is what will happen when you join us

1. When you enroll you'll receive an email from me personally thanking you for joining, and all the details of the program. Woohoo, the fun starts!

2. You'll receive a second email with your user name and password, and a link to our WeightLoss Blueprint Member's site and online community. You can log in right away and fill our your profile.

3. Once inside the Member's site you'll click on the Start Here button where you can watch my Welcome Video, and download the WeightLoss Blueprint Guidebook, so you can start getting prepared.

4. Finally you'll receive an email once a week when each training module is live, and where to find it in the site.

You'll also find a few surprise bonuses when inside the site that you can enjoy right away.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Zero Risk 

We're sure you’d agree that almost any price would be worth it if a health program could transform you from feeling drained of energy and feeling heavy, tired and overweight - to a life of joy, happiness and wellbeing. In fact, we are so convinced that you will love how simple (yet highly effective) this program is that we want to remove all road blocks and obstacles that are standing in your way with our risk free guarantee.

Not every program will work for everyone, individual results may  vary, which is why we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not completely 100% satisfied. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to lose weight or improve your health, even though many do, taking action is completely up to you.

So the first thing to do is to join the program by clicking the Get Started Today button below and try the WeightLoss Blueprint out. See for yourself the almost-unbelievable results.

And then, continue to go through the program for the entire trial period. If you've been participating in the program, trainings and calls within the course, and you haven't experienced any weight loss and/or are not completely satisfied with our program, then simply send us your refund request along with your homework from the first four modules of the program within 30 days of your purchase. Upon receipt our team will be in touch with you regarding the status of your full refund. It's that easy.


This program is not for you if...

  • You're already perfectly content with your weight, and don't need to lose a pound
  • You only ever eat when you're hungry, and just the right amount
  • Your health, weight, and energy are already at 100%, all the time
  • You're not ready to make changes, your health really isn't that important
  • You prefer to complain and blame others, rather than take action

By enrolling in WeightLoss Blueprint you are saying YES to...

  • YES, I am ready to make my health a priority, I know it requires me to take action and am ready for change.
  • YES, I am tired of being overweight and am ready to finally make a commitment to myself, and my health.
  • YES, I am ready to overcome the mental and emotional anguish that comes with being overweight
  • YES, I am ready to feel confident, happy, and good in my own skin.


Why is NOW the best time?

WeightLoss Blueprint is taking enrollments now. Join now and have access to our 12-Weeks of Coaching Call MP3s. That means every week you will have access to our coaching call mp3s, new training modules, and get our personal feedback and support on the Member's Site.

This is the only time the program will be offered with these bonuses this year! After that we will remove the coaching call mp3s completely and you'll miss the opportunity.

You'll get instant access to the program with over $4,500 worth of content and bonuses right when you enroll today.


How much more are you willing to sacrifice?

How much longer are you willing to remain overweight and unhappy?

How much longer do you want to struggle to fit into your favorite clothes?

How much longer do you want to feel the mental and emotional pain and unhappiness?

How much longer do you want to spend money on diets programs that don't work?

How much longer do you want to struggle on without support?

How much longer do you want to hide and not reach your full potential?

  Take 3 Months To Pay, Try It Out

When you join us today you'll only have to pay for the first installment in the program of $79. Then after that you'll have 5 more bi-weekly payments of $79. We break it down into micro payments to make it easy for you. You'll be locked in at this discounted price and we get to work together for an entire year. Or, you can choose to pay it all in full and save an additional 15% Off today.

Act Now as this special price will only be available for limited time, as when the spaces are filled we will have to close enrollment. Join me today for the WeightLoss Blueprint. $4,518 value

After you click the Get Started Today button above you'll receive immediate access to our member's site where you'll be able to download your guidebook and get prepared for the program.

Questions? If you have any questions please email us direct at team@weightlossblueprint and we will reply right away.

See you on the inside,

Philip McCluskey

Author | Motivational Speaker | Health Coach

Ps.  The program starts when you sign up so enroll today and reserve your place. Spaces are limited due to the level of personal interaction we offer you.

 PPs. This program has a one month risk free money back guarantee so you can try the program, download the program guidebook, and if still not 100% satisfied we'll happily give you a refund. We are that confident that you'll love it.

Our clients say it the best


Meet the team that will be guiding you to weight loss success

Philip McCluskey's amazing weight loss success story has inspired millions after being aired on CBS show “The Doctors” and his appearances with Jack LaLanne. After trying over 30 different diets, it w as a combination of eating healthy whole foods and juicing that finally caused him to drop from an obese 400 pounds to a fit and healthy 185 pounds.

He has quickly gone on to establish himself as an inspiring motivational speaker and author of six books. He has taught thousands of women and men how to lose weight safely and effectively, without dieting. The reason why so many people are drawn to his approach to losing weight is simple. It works, and his story is proof of that!

Casey McCluskey from her infancy, suffered chronic severe eczema that her doctors unsuccessfully treated with creams and prescription steroids for 25 years without success. Her emotional distress over her appearance was compounded by weight gain in adolescence, leading to years of emotional eating.

And then she took control of her life. Armed with research into nutrition, herbs and natural health, she began healing herself using natural whole and raw foods. Today she is a certified life coach, health coach, nutritionist and colon hydrotherapist. She uses both the physical and mental elements of health and well-being to help her clients achieve inner and outer vitality.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will this course be delivered?
No trees will be killed, no plastics created, no fuel wasted!  This course is fully accessible online. You can access the videos, audios, workbooks, menu plans, recipe section and the supportive community forum from anywhere, anytime so long as you have internet connection.  Use your iPhone, Smart Phone, iPad, or any computer to log in and view the materials.  

Can I rush through the entire WeightLoss Blueprint all at once?
These are big concepts that deserve your full attention as you implement each one. You can't skip ahead, that is why I deliver one training module each week for the entire twelve weeks. You may want to come back to them after you’ve completed the program and review them all at once. Initially it is worth pacing yourself and reviewing each module thoroughly before moving on.

Will I have to live on sprouts & seeds to lose the weight?
Sprouts and seeds offer beneficial nutritional support, but here at the WeightLoss Blueprint, we believe taste must be a motivating factor that keeps you wanting to eat healthy.  That’s why we’ve included an entire Guidebook of recipes to start, new recipes weekly throughout the program, and 7 books packed with recipes when you have completed the program.  There will be dishes you like better than others as you are exposed to the wide range of various ethnic flavors.  This diversity is intentional, so that everyone finds favorite dishes to make over and over again once they complete the course.

What if my significant other is not supportive?
This is a big deal for lots of people, which is why you will find so much support and guidance on sticking to your own commitments despite the choices people around you might be making.  When they see the changes in you, they'll get curious. They may even come to you for support in getting a taste of what has you looking and feeling so healthy and trim.

What if it’s not for me?
Losing weight is scary, especially if you have been obese or morbidly obese for many years. I know, because I’ve been there! It takes curiosity, courage and commitment to try a program like this. After all, what will you're life be like AFTER you've lost all the weight? Well let me give you a safety net as you make this investment in yourself by assuring you that you always have support. If you find this program confronts more issues than you are ready to face on your own, just shoot me a message in the Member's Site and I will be happy to walk you through it.

What if I succeed?
First of all share your success with me in the Forum, this is what I love for! And second, when you succeed (and you will), pass it on. Make a difference by letting your light shine more fully in the world.  Someone you know may be silently watching your evolution and want access to the joy they see in you.

Is your 215 lbs weight loss results typical?
No. Let's face it. The typical person person buys a course and does nothing with it. But for me, I hit a breaking point. I was... as they say, "Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired." So I got committed to my weight loss goals and decided to make a change. Through the power of healthy eating and my WeightLoss Blueprint for Success, I was able to lose the weight and keep it off, and so can you!

I Believe In You. Now Is Your Time!

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